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Concrete block making machines

Ñoncrete block making machine UPB-SM for blocks

Mobile concrete block making machine for concrete blocks for basements, UPB-SM model. High performance concrete block machine. The equipment is equipped with a storage hopper. The concrete block making machine UPB-SM, developed in 2014, has successfully established itself at construction sites. Productivity, reliability and quality are the distinctive features of this model.

Nomenclature of reinforced concrete blocks:

- 2400*300,400,500,600*580;

- 1200*300,400,500,600*580;

- 900*300,400,500,600*580;

* 600*300,400,500,600*580
* - additional equipment

Ñoncrete block making machine UPB-FL for FL slabs and FBS blocks 300 mm high

The UPB-FL universal equipment produces reinforced concrete slabs of strip foundations of the most requested standard sizes and concrete blocks for basements 300 mm high. Due to its versatility, the UPB-FL concrete block making machine has no analogues among competitors. It is equipped with a lifting hopper.

Nomenclature of reinforced concrete products:

- 2400*300,400,500,600*300;

- 1200*300,400,500,600*300;

- 900*300,400,500,600*300.

- 2400*1000,1200,1400,1600*300;

- 1200*1000,1200,1400,1600*300;

- 800*1000,1200,1400,1600*300.

Ñoncrete block making machine UPB-PM for FBS blocks


Ñoncrete block making machine UPB-PM for FBS blocks

UPB-PM is a concrete blocks for basements movable concrete block making machine with a bucket (lifting hopper), developed by NEMP in 2015. When creating this model, we took into account our customers’ wishes and created an equipment that has no analogues in terms of quality of products, security system and ease of maintenance.

The price of the concrete block making machine is on request. You can call us by telephone +38 050 505 81 08 or leave a request on the site in the “Contact Us” section



Nomenclature of concrete blocks:

- 2400*300,400,500,600*580;

  - 1200*300,400,500,600*580;

- 900*300,400,500,600*580;



Ñoncrete block making machine UPB-9 for concrete blocks

UPB-9 machine is a mobile vibrating press for the production of FBS blocks. The mobile concrete block making machine UPB-9 produced in 2013, allows us to expand the range of products and increase production volumes. The block machine produces 4 standard sizes of blocks, 2 concrete blocks for basements per moulding.


Nomenclature of concrete blocks for basements:

- 900*300,400,500,600*580

Ñoncrete block making machine UPB-24/12 for basement blocks

The UPB-24/12 is a high-performance mobile concrete block making machine. This equipment has been an excellent assistant for manufacturers of reinforced concrete products for many years. Eight standard sizes, ease of maintenance and reliable operation are the key to the popularity of the UPB 24/12 concrete block making machine.

To request the current price of UPB-24/12 block making machine, you can write to us by e-mail nempfb@gmail.com or call +38 050 505 81 08


Nomenclature of concrete basement blocks:

- 2400*300,400,500,600*580;

- 1200*300,400,500,600*580

Ñoncrete block making machine UPB-TM for the production of concrete blocks with insulation

Unique UPB-TM block making machine for the output of blocks with insulation. An insulation with installed dowels-toggles (parachutes) is laid at the bottom of the mould, then the mould is loaded with concrete mixture and the block is moulded. The products have enhanced thermal and waterproofing properties.


The UPB-TM is completed with moulds of different standard sizes, which allows the production of concrete (wall, foundation) blocks with an insulation of different sizes, purposes and applications.

Nomenclature of concrete products:

 - 2400*300,400,500,600 ( + 50mm insulation) *500;

 - 1200*300,400,500,600 ( + 50mm insulation) *500

Block making machine UPB-SP for hollow blocks

The concrete block making machine for UPB-SP hollow block is a high-performance mobile equipment. The machine for the production of hollow blocks is an instant stripping (4 or 8 products for 1 moulding), compactness, mobility, quick payback.

UPB-SP block making machine for the production of wall and partition hollow blocks produces 2 standard sizes of blocks. The production of hollow blocks has been relevant for many years, so the technology for the production of blocks is always being improved. The Hollow block making machine manufactured by NEMP Company has all the necessary qualities for the development of your business.

To buy a concrete block machine for hollow blocks, write to us at ooonemp@gmail.com or call +38 050 505 81 08

Nomenclature of hollow blocks:

 - 400*200*200;

 - 400*100*200 *

* additional equipment

Concrete lintel making machine UPB-PB for the production of precast lintels

Mobile concrete lintel making machine for the manufacture of precast lintels from the manufacturer

UPB-PB is a concrete lintel making machine for the production of lintels with non-tensioning reinforcement (GOST 948-84). For moulding, semi-dry concrete mixture of B15 class and above is used. As a rule, lintels are made of concrete of M200 grade or heavier M250 grade, but in any case, its density should be from 2,200 to 2,500 kg/cubic meter. Hot-rolled steel reinforcement of A-III class, thermomechanically hardened of At-III class and reinforcing wire of Bp-I class are used as non-tensioning reinforcement.



Concrete lintel making machine can be completed with forms
for the manufacture of the following sizes of concrete lintels​

Concrete lintel Sizes of lintels Capacity, un/h

Quantity of lintels
for 1 minute

2ÏÁ13-1-ï 1290 õ 120 õ 140 100-120 5
2ÏÁ16-2-ï 1550 õ 120 õ 140 90-100 5
2ÏÁ17-2-ï 1680 õ 120 õ 140 80-90 5
2ÏÁ19-3-ï 1940 õ 120 õ 140 60-80 5
3ÏÁ13-37-ï 1290 õ 120 õ 220 60-80 5
3ÏÁ16-37-ï 1550 õ 120 õ 220 45-65 5
3ÏÁ18-37-ï 1810 õ 120 õ 220 30-50 5
5ÏÁ18-27-ï 1810 õ 250 õ 220 20-30 2
9ÏÁ13-37-ï 1290 õ 120 õ 190 70-90 5
9ÏÁ16-37-ï 1550 õ 120 õ 190 55-75 5
9ÏÁ18-37(8)-ï 1810 õ 120 õ 190 40-60 5
10ÏÁ18-27-ï 1810 õ 250 õ 190 20-30 2