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Concrete block making machines from the NEMP Company.

The official website of the manufacturer of concrete block machines,

NEMP (Ukraine, Nikolaev)

Welcome to the website of the manufacturer of movable concrete block making machines for the production of concrete blocks – NEMP Company!

Our main products are concrete block making machines for manufacturing blocks for basements.

The equipment for precast concrete manufactured by us is self-propelled equipment with a hydromechanical propulsion device, which provides movement of the installation on hard horizontal surfaces. The production of reinforced concrete blocks is carried out by the method of surface moulding with subsequent natural drying.

NEMP Company has many years of experience in the development and manufacture of mobile concrete block making machines for concrete blocks. Our equipment for concrete blocks are successfully operating in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Mongolia.

The identifying features of concrete block making machines for concrete blocks for basements of NEMP Company:

- maximum simplicity of equipment and reliability of components and assemblies;

- availability in all the CIS countries of components and assemblies of the installation, as well as elements of the electrical part;
- protection against unauthorized interference during the operation of the installation.

The use of concrete block machines for the production of foundation blocks of NEMP Company allows to:

- significantly reduce the cost of production of concrete blocks;
- significantly increase the volume and range of manufactured reinforced concrete products;
- reduce the time of the process.
The main technical characteristics of the equipment for the production of reinforced concrete blocks of NEMP Company are as follows:
- the time of forming concrete blocks for basements is from 1.5 to 3 minutes and from 6 to 10 minutes when forming FL slabs;
- the estimated capacity of machines is up to 15 m3/h of concrete mixture in the production of FBS blocks and up to 9 m3/h in the production of FL slabs;
- strict geometry of shapes and parallelism of the surfaces of the produced blocks;
- the number of service personnel of the concrete precast machine is 1 operator.

All these qualities of NEMP installations (machines) allow us to position our line of equipment (machines) for the production of concrete blocks as a reliable solution for expanding and/or modernizing reinforced concrete production, which provides competitive advantages by increasing productivity, expanding the range and saving costs.

Detailed technical characteristics of each concrete block making machine can be found in the equipment catalogue.
NEMP Company also produces:
- equipment for woodworking (milling machines, circular saws, rotary saws, belt grinding machines);
- special equipment (vibration tables, trolleys, clamps);
- non-serial production equipment for the food industry.

We also offer metalworking services (welding, milling, turning, drilling works).

We hope that our machines and equipment for the production of blocks will allow you to increase the efficiency of your business!



oncrete block making machine UPB-FL for FL slabs and FBS blocks 300 mm high

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