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Vibration Compaction Technology


Vibration compaction is one of the methods of manufacturing products from concrete mix.

The technology of vibration compaction provides for the compaction of concrete mixture under the influence of vibration and simultaneous pressure from above.

Vibration compaction has won its popularity due to high quality. Paving slabs, curbs, storm sewers and figures of paving elements is an incomplete list of products that are now mainly produced by vibration compaction.

For this manufacturing method, semi-dry hard concrete mixtures are used. Such a mixture has a smaller amount of water compared to the mobile mixture, it becomes less ductile. For moulding by vibration compaction, the plasticity should be P1 with a cone slump of 1 – 4 cm. This is explained by the fact that after completion of compaction, the mould is removed, and the product must continue to maintain its dimensions and appearance. It is the rigidity of the mixture that ensures the filling of the mould under the action of vibration and its own mass. It should be borne in mind that the optimal ratio of the components of the mixture is selected empirically and depends on the inert properties directly in the region of the installation.

The traditional technology of vibration compaction involves moulding in moulds using deep vibrators. However, there are restrictions on the size of manufactured products.

The concrete equipment offered by NEMP Company solve this problem. They allow you to produce by vibration compaction FBS of all sizes, which are provided by GOST.

The process of concrete products manufacture by concrete block making machines NEMP consists of several steps. Concrete mixture is fed into the receiving hopper. Then the mould is filled with a mixture. Mounting loops are mounted in the locking device for moulding. Further, under the influence of electric vibrators, the block is directly moulded. The time of one moulding is 3 – 4 minutes. A feature of the equipment is independent movement along the moulding platform and the presence of rotary chassis, which allows you to switch to a new row to continue working.

The technology of vibration compaction and the mobility of the concrete block making machines NEMP enable the manufacturer quickly (up to 120 blocks per shift) and, most importantly, high-qualitatively, to produce large volumes of products.

The equipment for vibration compaction is an alloy of rationality and productivity.