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Types, sizes and marking of foundation blocks


Foundation blocks vary in type, size and labelling.

Block types
Foundation blocks are made of the following types:
1. FBS – the foundation wall block. The most common type of product.
2. FBP – the foundation hollow block. It has square hollows. Available in one standard length – 2,380 mm.
3. FBV – the foundation cutout block. A distinctive feature is a special longitudinal cutout for laying communications.
Block sizes
The sizes of FBS blocks are regulated by GOST 13579-78. The width of the blocks is the main geometric value, while the height and length are secondary values.

The standard sizes of the foundation blocks are as follows:
- length 2,380, 1,180, 880 mm
- height 580, 280 mm
- width 300, 400, 500, 600 mm.
Blocks 580 mm high are more in demand. The most overall block is 2,400x600x580 mm, the smallest is 880x300x580 mm (blocks of small sizes are used to “finish” the construction so as not to chop the whole block). Such block sizes allow you to quickly install the foundation.
Block marking
Block sizes and material are key indicators when marking blocks. For example, a foundation block – FBS 12-4-6t. The abbreviation “FBS” means “foundation block wall” (in Russian: «ФБС – фундаментный блок стеновой).” The next 3 digits are the geometric dimensions in decimetres (12 – length, 4 – width, 6 – height). The letter after the numbers indicates which concrete the block is made of. In this case, “t” is “heavy concrete” (in Russian: «т» – «тяжелый бетон»). They also distinguish “p” – concrete with porous fillers (in Russian: «п» – бетон с пористыми наполнителями), “s” – silicate concrete (in Russian: «с» – силикатный бетон). Concrete selection may be determined by operating conditions and climate.
It should be noted that all sizes of blocks are in their own demand and need. That is why NEMP Company, in developing concrete block making machines for the manufacture of foundation blocks, paid special attention to the possibility of producing a wide range of block sizes. The concrete block machines UPB-SM is delivered with a set of moulds for the output of 16 sizes of blocks, and the UPB-PM model – for the output of 12 sizes. To produce blocks with a height of 280 mm, a universal concrete block making machine UPB-FL was developed, which has no analogues in its segment. This уйгшзьуте also produces reinforced concrete slabs of strip foundations (FL slabs) of the most popular standard sizes.