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New concrete block making machine UPB-PM


NEMP Company has developed and launched a new movable concrete block making machine for the manufacture of UPB-PM foundation blocks.

Cut to the chase – a wide range of manufactured blocks: blocks 2,400, 1,200 and 900 mm long with various widths of 300, 400, 500, 600 mm and a height of 580 mm. This allows the manufacturer to cover the entire range of the most popular foundation blocks. In this case, the reconfiguration of the forms takes 25 – 40 minutes, which allows you to quickly switch to the production of blocks of another standard size.

Concrete block making machine UPB-PM has already tested technological solutions used on our model of concrete machine UPB-SM with storage hopper. For example, the technological maintenance of the mould vibration system is simplified, which allows checking the fastening without removing the mould itself. The vibration system makes it possible to produce vibration compaction in different frequency modes. Moreover, this vibration system improves the compaction of the mixture and together with the traditionally reliable in strength and stiffness moulds, their service life is longer compared to their analogues.

Given the positive feedback from our customers about the new security system (in addition to the sound system, a light indication of the composition of the compounds during operation has been added), which is used on NEMP concrete block making machines, we have added position and speed adjustment as well as smoothness of the machine running controls. Thus, in addition to the safe component, the operator optimizes the time it takes for the machine to move around the site.

Summing up, we can safely say that the new mobile concrete block making machine for the manufacture of UPB-PM foundation blocks is an ideal option for the long-term production of a wide range of FBS blocks, and its high productivity of 100 – 120 blocks in 8 working hours easily ensures the equipment payback within 3 months and the economic stability of your enterprise.