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The selection of a concrete block making machine. Features of movable block making machines NEMP


Buy a concrete block making machine or use traditional methods of manufacturing products – such a choice is made by the manufacturer of building materials. In recent years, the popularity of vibration compaction equipment as well as the composition of manufacturers has grown significantly. Construction companies and trusts, concrete goods factories and manufacturers of small architectural forms are increasingly paying attention to this type of equipment.

Vibrating press can be either stationary or mobile, vary in size, have a different list of manufactured products, etc.

We want to consider in more detail the equipment for the production of reinforced concrete products, to help the buyer determine which vibrating press to buy.

To select a concrete block making machine, it is necessary to study the basic characteristics and technical data of the equipment, such as:

1) performance;
2) the nomenclature of reinforced concrete products;
3) requirements for a site for moulding materials;
4) personnel to service the operation of the equipment;
5) the technology of work and, if necessary, the availability of auxiliary equipment.

For each, a key factor may be one of the above items. Machines for the manufacture of reinforced concrete products are marketed by several manufacturers. The most advanced among them is NEMP Company, which developed a series of installations for the manufacture of foundation blocks (UPB-SM and UPB-PM concrete block making machines), UPB-FL universal concrete block making machine for the production of strip foundation slabs (with the ability to produce a number of sizes of FBS blocks), as well as a new UPB-PB concrete block making machine equipped with a set of moulds for the manufacture of bar jumpers.

Let’s consider this equipment in more detail from the buyer’s point of view.

Performance. For an 8-hour shift, the standard is the production of up to 100 – 120 FBS blocks and up to 80 FL slabs. The difference in performance may depend on external factors – concrete feed rate, operator skills. One moulding of the NEMP machines takes 3 – 4 minutes, which is several times faster compared to the work of vibration moulds with immediate stripping, and at a far quicker rate than vibration casting technology, when it is necessary to wait for the product to have sufficient strength.

The nomenclature of reinforced concrete products. NEMP machines for the production of FBS blocks and FL slabs are distinguished by a large selection of standard sizes. For example, if you decided to buy a UPB-SM concrete block making machine, then a set of moulds included in the price is delivered with the set, which will ensure the production of 16 blocks of different sizes, and the UPB-PM model produces 12 standard sizes of foundation blocks. For the production of concrete lintels, the equipment can be equipped with a set of 12 moulds.

The platform for moulding. We recommend using 4 strips of 50 – 100 meters long to maximize the effect of the equipment.

The work technology. The availability of a chassis with a hydromechanical propulsion device provides concrete block machine movement around the site. After loading the hopper with concrete mixture, the machine moulds the block. It should be noted that all operations of the technological cycle are carried out through the central console. Concrete block machine is served by one operator.

Ancillary equipment. It is necessary to understand how the concrete mixture will be delivered to the concrete block machine hopper. For the UPB-SM model, a front-end loader is needed to deliver the mixture to the stationary hopper, and the UPB-PM is equipped with a lifting hopper (as well as the UPB-FL model) – any dump truck type is used here. There is no need for steaming chambers, work on assembling and disassembling moulds after moulding, and a crane-beam is used only when moving finished products.

Summarizing a brief overview of vibration equipment for production of precast concrete, we can confidently state that advanced design developments and ideas embodied in concrete block making machines NEMP will ensure the production of high-quality products that comply with GOST and will significantly expand the range of products offered.