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The motorbike mover is a type of motorcycle stand. The main application is moving a motorcycle with a side stand. This design will provide compact movement of motor vehicles in a limited space, for example, in a garage. The motorbike mover makes it possible to easily place the motorcycle next to a car or other vehicle.
Six wheels with a diameter of 50 mm allows you to put a minimum of effort to move the equipment. Two wheels are locking. This provides a fixation of the position of the motorbike mover.
Detachable bolt connection

Price 5500 UAH

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Application compact movement of motobike in a limited space
Assembly length 1430 mm
Assembly width 785 mm
Height 80 mm
Area width for the rear wheel 320 mm
Wheel diameter 50 mm
Weight 21 kg




Advantages of a motorbike mover:
- facilitates the movement of heavy motorcycles in a garage or other limited space
- small dimensions
- special wheels designed for rolling heavy motorcycles
- 2 lock wheels for locking the position of the motor-parker
- weight of the motorbike mover is 21 kg
- a special rubber pad in place of fixing the side stand of the motorcycle
- Area width for the rear wheel 320 mm
- for a motorcycle weighing up to 0.5 t.